Cargo Care & Protection



Access to and the efficient collection of cargo-related data and metrics whilst en route on board the vessel will ensure that cargo is protected and cared for in a professional manner. This is especially important for perishables, refrigerated goods, high-value and sensitive pharmaceutical products, fresh fruit & vegetables, or seafood transported in reefer containers. Fast and appropriate action by the crew in case of equipment failure will prevent cargo from getting degraded or even totally lost during the ocean voyage. 

Reefer Data Connectivity

Also onboard the vessel reefer containers are connected and operating with individual settings for e.g. temperature, humidity, controlled atmosphere which are specific to the cargo they are containing during the voyage. It is important that these settings are monitored also during the ocean voyage to ensure that the cargo does not degrade because of equipment failure or malfunctioning. Even today, because of lacking connectivity below deck, this monitoring is still partly executed by manually reading or by transferring data with a handheld device from the reefer’s display.

Refrigerated containers have already a wide variety of sensors installed by default. With Sealution’s offering these sensors can be connected through our internal network, allowing the sensor provided data being instantly ingested into the vessel’s reefer monitoring system. This will enable automated 24/7 monitoring incl. alerting options directly available on the bridge.

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