Key Problem:
No connectivity below deck

Founded in 2021, Sealution is a B2B hardware enabled software startup that provides connectivity on board of merchant vessels to enable data collection below deck.
The collected data is used for preventive maintenance and furthermore for reselling to relevant data aggregators such as insurance companies.

Our system significantly reduces areas without connectivity, displays real time location of the crewmembers, connects the ships internal systems to the central module and displays ship status in real life to our users.

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Presented by co-founders Ruben Verplancke and Sebastian Hamers, Sealution (BE) is a hardware enabled software company that unlocks below deck connectivity. They apply their technology to enable extensive predictive maintenance of the vessel and crew-safety improvements.

Primary features

Our solution:
A modular based design

Sealution’s answer is the creation of their patent pending network protocol, a network of IoT devices that collect and process data regarding the vessel’s crew and environment, and feed it to a central database to gain an accurate overview of processes, performances and irregularities on board.
The system comprises two key elements: Room Modules and a Central Module. The Room Module functions as a signal transmitter and receiver that enables the exchange of data between the IoT devices and the Central Module. The Central Module is essentially the brain. It analyses and ranks the data by relevance and passes it on to a server for visual representation on the bridge.

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Who is who

Meet the Sealution team.

Sebastian Hamers

Our CEO & Founder: Sebastian is a Nautical Science graduate from the HZ university in Flushing, during which ...

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Ruben Verplancke

Our CFO & Head of Sales: Ruben has a Master's in Business Economics from the University of Ghent and ...

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Gilles Montyne

Our CTO: Gilles graduated at HoGent with a Bachelor's degree in "Computer Sciences" and ...

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Romeo Martens

Our Engineer: Romeo has a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (UGent). He started working at Proximus and ...

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Anthony Vancauwenberghe

our Back-end Developer and AI-expert: From a young age on Anthony has always been passionate about computers, ...

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Eduard Van Nevel

our Financial & Legal expert: Eduard has a Master’s degree in Finance and International Business. After his master ...

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