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Internet of Things – Why IoT also matters at sea

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, propelled by soaring demand, the (container) shipping industry has seen income and profitability skyrocket to unprecedented record-breaking levels. Being a cyclical industry, a downturn was however inevitable. Freight levels have dropped drastically over the previous months, with shipping lines meanwhile warning of fallen profitability for 2023 and beyond. In other words,…

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Sealution raises €1.3 million with an internal data network for ocean-going vessels

Flemish start-up at the helm of internal communications at sea with IoT technology Sealution, a start-up that developed a proprietary network of receivers that enables internal communications on ocean-going vessels, raises over €1.3 million in a funding round. The young company from Sint-Martens-Latem found an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that connects all devices and…

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Unlocking connectivity below deck

Start-up Sealution is introducing a new solution to help tackle one of shipping’s current challenges –lack of connectivity below deck. Digital Ship spoke with CEO and founder Sebastian Hamers. See article below. 

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