Creating the foundation for a fully connected ship

Solution components

Sealution developed a hardware solution to which a multitude of sensors and IoT devices can be connected and integrated.

IoT devices

  • Collect data from critical machinery
  • Devices are provided by 3rd party suppliers


  • Receive data from IoT devices through BLE
  • Send data to central module over existing cabling

Central module

  • Ingests and processes the data received from the gateways
  • Provides overview of critical machinery performance

Unique use cases & modern approach

Sealution’s key intellectual property: A protocol for transmitting data over existing cabling without disrupting other data flows. 


Why work with us?

Sealution holds some unique selling propositions.


Using the existing cable infrastructure of a vessel to create wired connectivity is significantly more reliable compared to the use of mesh networks for wireless connectivity.

En route on the ocean, representing a rough environment, the odds are very high, making a set-up based on multiple nodes substantially more vulnerable compared to Sealution’s solution.

Vessel Size

As a wired solution allows to obtain 100% reliability, Sealution’s solution is not limited in size.

On the other hand, with a mesh network, supplying a larger vessel implies the necessity to install a higher number of nodes, therefore increasing the odds for the network to go down. By using the existing cable infrastructure, also the largest vessels can be served.


We position ourselves as a “connector” between IoT devices and the Ship Owners or Operators, there is no limit to which applications can be deployed on board of the vessel or even at the shore-based organisation.

Our in-house software engineers can modify and adapt software applications to the specific needs of our clients.

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