Propelling ocean shipping into the 21st century by providing reliable connectivity below deck.


We provide a generic connectivity hardware and software platform, connecting all kinds of existing and new (wireless) IoT and sensor devices on the ship. 

With our current proposal we offer the ocean shipping industry a software solution driven by IoT technology, which especially targets larger types of vessels with complex designs and a lot of metal walling, multiple small spaces and circuits inhibiting wi-fi, cell phone and other types of wireless communication. 



Our ambition is to revolutionise the maritime industry by providing vessels with a PnP connectivity solution allowing to reliably collect various types of sensor data, especially under deck, while making these data instantly available on the bridge for fast decision-making.

Our goal

The main goal is to become the go-to platform at sea for sensor & IoT vendors, ship owners, charterers and ship operators wanting to bring the collection and the transmission of data generated by these edge devices installed under deck to the next level. Our objective is to transform traditional merchant vessels into “Smart Ships”, with the purpose to:


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Company profile

Mission statement

At Sealution we strive to bring the maritime sector into the 21st century. Our mission is to create a safer, healthier and more productive environment on board.

Philosophy and vision

Our company philosophy is that safety is a right not a luxury. Our vision is a maritime industry which thrives on the technological capabilities at our fingertips. At Sealution we want to create a future that works better for all of us. One that runs smoother, safer, and even more efficient.

Company goals

Sealution aims to build a brand that is known for reliability all over the world, by constantly improving our system and adding new features along the way. The main goal is to transform traditional vessels into "Smart Ships" that will substantially improve onboard health and safety as well as vessel performance.

Target market

Ship owners, ship charterers, ship operators, ship construction firms and maritime insurance companies are our main target group.

A small but effective team

Founded in 2021 and headquartered in Belgium, Sealution is a young team of technology and shipping enthusiasts with a diverse background.  

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