Crew Integrity Protection



Living and working on board a seagoing vessel is quite a challenge and far from comfortable. Seafarers are exposed to a multitude of particular conditions and circumstances which are having a direct and undisputed impact on their health (also mental), wellbeing and safety. An improved onboard (especially under deck) connectivity solution will undoubtedly have a positive impact and will ensure a quick intervention – even within minutes – whenever a crew member requires assistance e.g. after a fall in the engine room. 

Crew Safety System (CSS)

Our internal onboard connectivity solution is also perfectly fit to connect with an individual crew member’s wearable, allowing to alert the bridge in case of an emergency or an accident the seafarer may face whilst at work in a remote area of the vessel.

For the CSS system to work, crew members will be requested to wear smart bracelets which are designed to transmit data to a room module (Gateway) and to the Central Module. Sealution’s platform will detect and analyse data deviations or manual distress signals which require an immediate responsiveness and action. The bracelets are specially selected for the purpose of the use case.

The data collected and analysed from the wearable can – upon request of the customer – also include e.g. the heart rate, stress level, and body temperature of the crew member.

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